The Mighty Oak, January 2 Sunday Tidbit

The Mighty Oak Tree

The mighty oak tree seeks the light of the sun. His trunk firm, solid and an unshakeable invites the rays of the sun to permeate its very existence. His branches growing from the core of his center cannot grow without the light. His leaves rustling in the fall gusts descend with grace to the ground below. Although mighty and great is the oak it is nothing without the unending light of the sun.

And so it is with our lives. That we may truly have a firm, solid and unshakeable foundation we must invite the Son into every part of our lives. So that we can grow and mature from where we are into the lives we are meant to live we must welcome the Son. So that we can allow our leaves, children and loved ones, to fall gently and gracefully into their own decisions of their own lives we must trust that the Son will guide us in the right direction. We are nothing without the unending love of the Son of God.

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