The Long Road, November 11, 2011 Daily Reflection

The Long Road

It is a long, long road. It is dusty, filled with gravel and dirt. I have fallen and scraped my knees countless times only to stand and see the blood stain my skin. It is a hike up the road but when coming down the road I seem to glide with the wind at my back and bathed in the sunlight. It is straight and narrow and yet it is windy and endless. It is a never ending journey taken by foot, in haste and in ease. It has been cursed and loved. As long as I live it continues and so I must run it when my energy is high, walk it while I still have the strength, appreciate it in its moments of love and just accept it because it is part of who I am. It is the long, long road the journey of motherhood ever changing, never ending, and always giving unconditional love through the trials and the triumphs. May God never take this road from me until one day my road may lead to God’s eternal road in the hereafter.

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