The Little Island, July 11 Sunday Tidbit

The little island

Peering through the tree branches on the shore line I spotted a little island, it looked out of reach yet close enough to row or swim to it.  We often stand on the shore line and once in awhile if we are awake in our lives we catch a glimpse of that peaceful, steady island in the water. Many times the island seems so distant, unreachable, and intangible yet if we made our way to it, we would see how close it really is to our shoreline. It’s much easier to make excuses as to why we don’t have the time, energy or need to visit the island than to actually make the effort to find a boat or change into our bathing suits and swim to it. However, if you take the time to cross the water somehow the peace, serenity and freedom that will meet you there is beyond compare to anything in this world.

God is the little island steady, unmoving, peaceful, a beautiful sight to behold. He is closer than he appears to be but as humans we have to make the effort to reach Him. Once you have HIM in your life you will feel a peace, serenity and freedom that will set you free. Take the trip make the effort to visit that little island today.


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