The Leaning Tower, November 4, 2011 Daily Reflection

The Tower

Spencer and Jake were playing the game Jenga. This is the highest they have ever built the tower. It was just barely leaning and they were well aware it would soon come tumbling down. However, they were not sure with which move it would happen.

Many of us live our lives in this same fashion. We keep piling one more thing on our leaning To Do Lists in life. We know that we are just tittering on the verge of everything falling down on us. But we keep pushing ahead and adding another wooden piece to the pile. Gravity is real and the tower will fall; just as our towers will fall somewhere in our lives. When it falls we will think to ourselves “Yep, I knew that would happen. I just didn’t know who to say no to; my family, my children, my boss, my friends, my physical well being, my spouse or my God?”

I am friends with a wonderful woman who does not know how to say No to anyone. She is a people pleaser so she keeps saying yes. But we all have a breaking point. We all need to find a balance so that the tower will be steady and no longer lean. Someone will lose out when we say No. We just have to weigh our priorities and do the best we can. We are not super human, even though we try, we are merely human.

Today, think of one way you can stop your tower from leaning. Say “No” to that extra project. Say “Yes” to play in the backyard with your child. Say “No” to ordering pizza and get your spouse to help you cook a healthy meal. Say “Yes” to be with your family. Say “Yes” to talk with God in prayer today. These things will help your tower to balance and form a foundation. We all have to play the game let’s try to play it so we all win in the end (with a loving family, healthy relationships and a strong faith).

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