The Laundry, February 12 Daily Reflection

Seven Loads of Clean Laundry

What you see above may be the most despised task in your household, trying to match the missing socks together could be considered a torture treatment! Does anyone really enjoy laundry? Separating, washing, drying, folding, ironing and then delivering it all and putting it in the correct places.

Is it really necessary to wear a new outfit daily? Can’t the children wear the same pair of jeans a few days in a row? We think we have it bad, can you imagine before washing machines and dryers?  Then again in the old days no women worked outside the home probably because they literally scrubbed, washed, put the clothes on lines, ironed and folded for an entire day. Our world is now full of items to make our life easier, quicker and more convenient. There was a day when remote controls did not exist you had to tell your child to get up and change the channel! 

We moms complain about the household chores but we really have it much easier than the moms that came before us. A friend of mine told me “I enjoy doing laundry, because I think about how I am doing it for my family, so they don’t have to worry about it. I do it for the love of them.” I tried that concept it just didn’t work for me but maybe it will for you.

There are just some things in life that have to be done regardless of our disdain for them and laundry is one of those things. Just another on the long list of selfless acts that moms perform. Our children and our spouses do not thank us for it. So today I want to say personally, “I thank each and every mom reading this blog for doing the laundry, separating, washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting it all away so that your family looks and smells good.” You each deserve a thank you for a thankless job; just remember even if you don’t hear thank you, your family would be lost without you doing it.

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