The Labyrinth, May 9, 2018 Daily Reflection

The Labyrinth

The twists and turns, all the knowings and knowings
Crevices in your mind and soul not yet revealed but in a constant motion of unfolding.
The frustration with the time it takes to discover
Easier to jump the rocks, bypass the path and go straight to the middle…
then I would arrive but when cut short the arrival has one revelation it’s not your time yet.

Go walk with patience, listen to the footfalls, observe what lies ahead, feel the earth beneath your feet.
Stop racing for the answer.
Stop forcing answers you are not yet ready for.
It’s ok to keep walking.
All we have is time.
Relax and embrace the experience and time.
Live life and let it naturally unfold
At some point you will be centered forever but not until you’ve lived your life abundantly.

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