The Destination, March 11, 2013 Daily Reflection

All of our bikes in front of the playground

As we, my 4 children and 2 nephews, biked about 3 miles to find a good playground it finally emerged on the horizon. We could almost make out the red and blue paint of the equipment. We all stopped because in front of us blocking our fun was a huge hill and what looked like wire fences. We were all looking every which way trying to decide the best path to take but we all just wanted to be there. I said “Let’s just head up the hill and see where it comes out”. We were off, off our bikes and walking them up the hill. Finally we reached the summit and there it was in all its glory the playground. I looked at my watch we had been riding for 30 minutes. They laid their bikes down and raced to the new playground. They laughed, ran, played and had a great time. It was worth the ride, the climb and the time.

That’s how life is we have a destination, a means to get there and a long way to go. Often times we are so close we can almost touch it but suddenly we find ourselves at the bottom of the steepest hill on the journey and we are just ready to say forget it! Don’t give up when you hit those challenges you are on the other side of the goal. Just get off the bike and start walking it, push the bike if you have to but don’t give up and never turn back. Once you have made it to the top the playground will be right there waiting for you. Waiting on that playground is joy, laughter and the reason you started the journey in the first place.

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