The Broken Branch, November 23 Daily Reflection

The broken branch

As the sun began to sink behind the trees I ran to find my camera to catch the colors of the blossoming sunset.  However, the pinks were not revealed in the final picture and this broken branch became the most central focus. An ice storm blazed a path through our town a few winters back most of the damage has been repaired but this broken branch has obviously been neglected, so high in the tree it was not noticed until I downloaded the picture.

How often do we try to find perfection; the perfect outfit to wear for a Christmas party, the perfect hairstyle to show we are current, the perfect car so that all will know we are cool, the perfect words to say so that others will find us intelligent, the perfect body, the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect spouse and the list goes on. We Americans are in pursuit of perfection but after we have found “perfection” we seem to always notice that flaw, that broken branch in our beautiful sunset picture.

There is a reason we cannot seem to grasp “perfection” it is because perfection is not attainable.

God is the only one who is perfect and we will never be God. 

However, most Americans do not believe that statement to be true. So they continue the unending quest of perfection, failing along the way. Knowing that we will not find perfection does not give us the right to stop trying to find our purpose in life and develop our God given talents. On the contrary knowing that we will not reach perfection but that we can strive to be the best person we can possibly be in this life time should be the quest. Instead of obtaining things to compliment our lives, status to place us above others and people to make us look better we should search our souls for goodness, reflect on our lives to find where we can become better people, help others in their search for their purpose and depend on God for guidance through it all.

The “perfect” hues of the melting sun will only be witnessed when we are complete and without God as our focus instead of this illusive perfection we seek we will always feel incomplete. So today instead of trying to find the perfect… look within, search your soul, pray to God and find a more worthy quest for this life that lived to the best of your ability will move you to the next life in God’s eternal grace.

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