The Bird and Me, February 22 Daily Reflection

The Bird

Perched next to me on the sandbanks stood this bird staring out into the sea as though mesmerized by the waves and lulled by them as well. Its little head would sink down into his chest all nuzzled warm and cozy seeking warmth from the cool breeze blowing off of the endless water. We sat, the bird and I marveling at the grandeur of God’s mighty work he and I just sharing the simple yet complex creation of God.

From above we witnessed the naval airplanes landing in the nearby base, a new plane every 10 minutes. We watched the surfers in their wet suits out trying to catch a “wave”. We saw the homeless man trying to find loose change on the beach with his old rickety metal detector. We watched as the dad in the distance repeatedly caught his little boy in diapers every time he jumped off the sand dune. People from here and people from other places all walking the beach some stooping down to collect shells, others testing the cold pacific water with their big toe and then running backwards away from it, and still others walking close to the tide in deep contemplation of life and love. All of us here for a different reason, from another place all of us joined by the vast ocean that stretches and rumbles and roars with an indisputable consistency known by little other than time itself. Listening, looking, playing in it and appreciating the wonder that is the ocean the bird and I sat and just gave witness to its grandeur.

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