The Airport, February 15 Daily Reflection

The Airport

At an airport one witnesses people from all walks of life arriving, departing, saying their goodbyes or waiting in anticipation of a heartfelt hello. Airports are the crossroads of our culture starting the journey to a new job, a new beginning in another state or returning home to one’s roots. Sitting and listening for your number to be called to board for the vacation of a lifetime or going on that last cruise to Alaska before you have to live off of your pension with no more frills allowed to survive.

One witnesses the babies in carriers, the elderly with walkers, and the business women with laptops, the teenagers with uncontrollable volume to their late night adventure stories. All waiting for a place to go an exact destination with expectations of the journey.

We are all on that same journey in life, babies at the beginning of the journey completely dependent upon our mothers care to teens trying to avoid that care. We are career people and parents, retired folks and elderly, all of us on the same journey just on different legs of the ride. Waiting, we are all waiting for it, the destination.

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