Teenagers Have No Fear, February 6, 2014 Daily Reflection

Ethan sledding down a steep hill

Ethan sledding down a steep hill

Teenagers have no fear! I remember my teenage years. I got the biggest rush from racing cars. I had a Toyota Supra, it was red and I thought I was invincible. I look back now and realize how stupid I was to race people. I could have killed myself or others. I could have easily injured pedestrians or my friends. But when your brain is not mature and developed enough to think of consequences these things can happen.

My parents raised me with an excellent foundation and faith in God. They raised me to recognize right and wrong and to stand up for what I believed in no matter who was applying pressure. I was able to say no to the peer pressure of many temptations as a teen. But I never really thought through speeding, other than getting caught by the police.

Now, I have a teen and 3 more that will be teens in no time at all. Luckily I can remember and try to teach them from my experience. However, in a way I am not lucky that I remember because I also remember how I didn’t tell my parents everything and tested the water.

As a mom I have set a foundation of trust with my children. I have raised them to recognize right from and wrong and to know God well.  I have raised them to be open with me about their lives. I will continue to nurture our relationship and teach them about the decisions of this world. As a faith filled mom I will pray to God like I do daily to keep them close every moment of their lives. I thank God that my stupidity did not end my life when I was a teenager. God called me to be a mom and I want to be the best mom I can for my children and God.

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