Surprises, May 31, 2013 Daily Reflection

my flower garden

Don’t you just love surprises? Big surprises, little surprises, don’t you just love them all? I have been busy planting flowers lately. The plant in the middle of this picture was given to me for mother’s day from my littlest, Jake. He gave it to me in a plastic cup and we watered it for a few weeks. Then when he saw me planting my flowers he ran to get it from inside the house. “Here, mommy, plant this one!” I planted it among the other flowers but it was small and we had yet to see a flower on it.

Well, today as I was watering the garden I noticed it. There is a bud at the top of the plant. It has not yet opened but the bud is there. I called to Jake to come and see the bud. He looked closely at it with a smile stretched across his sweet face. I asked him “Jake, what type of flower is it?” He replied, “I don’t know.”

It was a surprise the day he ran out of the school and gave me this flower. It will also be a surprise when we find out what type of flower blooms.

Treasure your surprises big and small they are all gifts from God.

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