Sun Catchers, January 13 Daily Reflection

A Suncatcher

A Suncatcher

“It’s a humming bird sun catcher, because you are a little humming bird.  You never stop!”  That is what my dear friend, Theresa, told me when she gave me this precious gift.  It is hanging in my office window, at home.  I often look at how the light pours through it.  It literally catches the sun and the light illuminates the colors and makes its presence known when I am writing.

As a little girl did you ever make sun catchers?  Do you remember the kind that your mom had to help you with?  You put the metal frame on a cookie sheet and then added the tiny crystal pieces of different colors.  You waited and waited and of course when your mom opened the oven that smell was horrible.  The sun catcher made up of such tiny individual crystals had all melted into one beautiful creation. I always hung mine up on my bedroom window next to my bed.  Then I would just lay there and stare at how the sunbeams would shine straight through it.  I treasure sun catchers.

We are all “sun catchers” if we allow ourselves to be.  When we let God’s light shine through our lives others see the brightest, warmest and most inviting colors in our actions.  When you use kind and gentle words with a child, that child sees a color.  When you smile at a stranger you pass on the street, that stranger sees a ray of light.  When you tell your children “I thank God for you everyday” your children see God in your eyes.  When you clean up after dinner and let your spouse play with the children instead of help with the dishes, your spouse sees a light.  When you love the world around you through simple acts of kindness you radiate the light of God. 

Each of us is like one of the tiny colorful crystals wanting to merge together with others, to be loved, accepted and embraced.  Together we can form a new brighter color, a larger than life sun catcher, one that will allow God’s light to shine upon all of His creation.

Today let the light of God shine through your actions, words and love; so that you may be a sun catcher for others in your life and for those who have not seen the sun shine in ages. I believe God treasures all of His little sun catchers!

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