Stop Sign, October 4 Daily Reflection

stop sign on the ground

The stop sign is lying there on the ground. A car must have hit it and there it lies. It is such a symbol to me of our fast paced life. We don’t have time to stop so we run straight over the sign that causes the pause in our motion. We cannot stop for anything or anyone.

The day will come when we will slow down, we will have no choice but to slow down. Our bodies will age, our eye sight will fade, our muscles will diminish, and our steps will become more labored. The day will come when we have to slow down. In that moment when we realize that our life is changing will we look back on it all and wonder. We will look at our grown children and question did we spend enough time snuggling, reading books, listening to their stories, watching them play. Did we spend enough time with our spouse who is long since gone to the next world? Did we love them beyond all imagination? Did we live our lives to the fullest? Did we ever stop when we were young or did we just take out that stop sign and run it down at 30 miles an hour because we were just too darn busy to stop?

Do you stop at the end of the day and spend some quiet one on one time with your children, your spouse, God? Do you stop so that you can hear your thoughts and not the blaring noise of the TV? Well, if you don’t you still have time. Your body has not stopped you yet, your children are still children and your spouse, God willing, is still with you.

 Today heed the word on the sign and STOP to start to live.


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