State Fair, August 22 Saturday Tidbit

We are going to the Kentucky State Fair Today.  Remember when you were a kid and all you could see were the animals, dancing, and the midway full of daring rides?  You could smell  elephant ears, corn dogs and all sorts of yummy stuff being fried. 

 As a parent I am excited to take my children so they can have that sense of wonder.  Because let’s face it when you grow up and take your children you realize you will drop at least $75 – $100 easy on parking, fried foods that will give you heartburn(but are tasty), and rides on the midway that seem a little too unsafe. We also have to endure the smell of animals!  However, we do it because we love our children and want them to have the sense of wonder we had as children at the fair. 

So think about it before you decide no way am I going to that crowded fair and spend all that money.  If your parents had done that you would never have all the memories!  Think about it, that’s all I’m saying.

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