Splintered, June 21, 2013 Daily Reflection

The log my husband chopped

My husband was chopping firewood for our new fire pit. I watched as he swung the ax quite precisely into the center of the log causing it to split into two pieces. Then he took one of the pieces and split it and so forth and so on until there were six pieces of wood where one had been.  Where one had been now there are many.

It’s like a family. As a young adult sometimes you feel alone in the world even if you have a family surrounding you, because you are ready to share your life and become one with another. The two will get married and become one and from that union children will be born. They will grow up and have children and generations will be created.

My husband’s grandparents were married for more than 60 years they had 7 children who had 24 grandchildren who had 19 great grandchildren. Forty people were created from a love of two people. Their love started with two and splintered into a huge family filled with love.

I pray that God will splinter my log and my family will continue to splinter into generations and generations of love.

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