Spirit Passes Through, October 3, 2018

Filled with the Spirit

Sometimes when I write I feel like I am taken away by something. It’s as though words are coming forth being propelled by the holy spirit moving through me. Some people refer to this type of motion as being in the zone. I am energized and inspired when I feel this way. I have felt like this when I have created new ideas, talks, activities, and retreats.

I believe that the Holy Spirit works through our passions in life. We have to open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit and allow it to move through our lives and our desires. Each of us were created with a soul, desires, and passions. We have more than one gift that moves us. When the spirit moves through us it is freeing and attractive to others. Others are pulled towards the spirit.

Today, consider your deepest desires and passions. What do you do that you feel in the zone, or freer when you are doing it? What do you do that makes you lose all track of time? What gives you energy? Now, contemplate if the Holy Spirit could be passing through you.

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