My Soul Waits, December 13, 2017 Daily Reflection

Waiting for what comes next

We wait and wait and wait…
I am waiting for the grade on my final capstone paper. Then I will know if I have graduated with my Master’s Degree.
I am waiting to go to Sacred Heart to start a new chapter of my life. But I am sad to close the chapter at Holy Cross.
I am waiting to earn my certification in Spiritual Direction. But I am enjoying the internship and all the experiences that go with it.
I am waiting…you are waiting…but the present is happening…and we are trying to live in the future…
My soul in stillness waits for the coming of God on Christmas morning…but God is already here.
What are you waiting for? Can you appreciate the time you are in right now? We all wait and we need to embrace the wait itself.


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