So Much To Give, May 31 2012 Daily Reflection

He gives me beauty

We have so much to give and such a short time to give it all away. We live a life from conception until death and the majority of that time we don’t even realize what we have to give away. As children we give without thought; our smiles, laughter, joy, innocence, hugs and little nuggets of pure wisdom.  As adults we moms give; our bodies during pregnancy and the fatigue of our infants sleepless nights, minds, patience, hugs, peace, understanding and attention. As aging adults we start the journey to figure out what God wants us to give away, no longer what we want to give away. It is a totally different perspective from our normal cultural belief of “what do you want to be when you grow up” to “what does God want you to do with your life?”

At some point in time, early for some, much later for others, many of us find ourselves asking this question of God; “God what do you want me to do with my life?” When we feel we have a bit of knowledge on this imperative question we begin to give what was meant to be given. It is at this point that we become keenly aware of our limitations. How much can I give without giving away myself? How much time do I have to give it all away? God, can I truly do this, this thing I think you want me to do? There are lots of questions, lots of doubt and lots of conversations with God stating “really, me God…really me?”

God will help to guide you when you are ready to ask the question. God has been nudging you along all of your life. God will not control your actions or force you to ever do His will. God loves you regardless of what you do with your life. But I believe with my entire heart that we are created to love God and serve a purpose that no other human being can ever serve in this world. We are individuals created out of love with a purpose in mind. When we believe we have found that purpose we realize how much more we need God’s help to execute His plan. I am just a vessel and I pray that God will fill me up and use me as He wishes.

After all we have so much to give and such a short time to give it all away.

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