Skiing, January 9, 2014 Daily Reflection

Getting ready to ski

Getting ready to ski

It had been 3 years since we had skied the last time. Over the Christmas break we went back to Paoli Peaks in Southern, Indiana. We had a great time. All of my children have skied at least one time but most have several times. No one fusses about starting on the bunny hills. I think we are all ready to take on the family trails after about an hour. The family trails are great they are faster, steeper and longer.

Skiing is like so many other events in our lives. We start out on the bunny hill before we gain enough confidence to take a “real” slope. A new job, relationship, hobby etc takes time to acclimate ourselves to before we have the self assurance that we can really be good at it. Sometimes when we are standing at the top of the steep hill we just have to believe that we can make it down without falling. We have to trust that we can be a part of the relationship and that we won’t get hurt. We have to trust our instincts and do what we have been taught to do, zig this way and zag that way all the way down the hill, looking out for the ice but enjoying the ride.

What slope are you facing in your life today? Do you need to train a bit more on the bunny hills or are you ready to take that slope, trusting your instincts, ready for the terrain, the speed and the reward of standing at the bottom of the slope looking up and knowing you didn’t just make it you conquered it.

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