Shelter from the Storm, August 3, 2017 Daily Reflection

Max his dog house and our back door

Yesterday, there was a downpour of rain and hail at my house. I heard it and immediately went to the back door to call my dog, Max, in the house. He did not come. My daughter walked outside next to the back door and saw that he was in his dog house. She pulled him out and brought him in our house. My dog is not very smart, he is a dog, but he was smart enough to seek shelter from the storm. He would not come out of that dog house when we called his name. I guess he thought it was safer in the dog house than our house. He was wrong, although he had to take about 20 steps through the storm to make it into our warm, dry, house it was a better long term shelter from the storm. The dog house worked as a temporary fix for the immediate situation.

In our lives we are rained, poured, and sometimes hailed upon. When the storms of life come where do we seek shelter? Do we have an immediate but temporary shelter? Or do we walk through the storm, brave the elements and find our way back home?

The storms of life can come in many forms; illness, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of loved one, job, or financial stability. When these unexpected storms occur where do you run to seek shelter? Many, turn to drinking, drugs, or obsessive behaviors to avoid and numb the pain. Others, walk through the pain, face it and walk into the shelter of their family, friends, faith, and God. No one wants to be stuck in a storm, no one wants to suffer through pain and anguish. Our natural instinct is to avoid it. However, if we can muster the strength to walk through it and seek help in a safe place it will provide us with what we need long term. During the storms of life listen, and see if you hear God calling you into the safety, warmth, and care of His house. Because we can do anything through Christ who strengthens us. God will weather any storm with us. We have to allow ourselves to feel the pain and walk in the direction that will help us long term to seek true shelter.

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