Review of Zootopia, April 7, 2016 Daily Reflection



My family saw the movie Zootopia, last night at the movie theater. It was excellent. If you have not seen it yet, you must! There are parts that are a little too intense for children under age 5. It is one of those movies that has different levels of understanding. It is the traditional underdog theme with many different twists and a strong moral lesson. It is refreshing to see a movie that not only roots for what is morally correct but also points out flaws in, not just the animal kingdom, our society. It deals with discrimination, stereotypes, power, over coming great odds, relationships, and the balance among all, living in a Utopian society, but what that really looks like.

After watching the movie we talked all the way home about our favorite parts of the movie and laughed all over again. My favorite side characters were the sloths at the DMV. I could not stop laughing. This would be a great movie to show in my morality class, or social justice class. It is also a great mystery, and a thrilling action movie. It will move you to root for the good guys and try to figure out what went wrong in this “Utopian” society.

This is a must see movie!!!

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