Refresh Button, October 10, 2014 Daily Reflection

the refresh button

the refresh button

When our video or link messes up on our computers or there is an obvious lag time we hit the refresh button. It usually repairs the damage, speeds up the process and allows the video to show like normal. We all need a refresh button. When we are slowing down, lagging in our lives or we just feel depleted. We need to find a place, take the time, come down off of the world and find a refresh button. If we need rest we cannot be refreshed. If we never relax we will never feel renewed. If we never pause we will not have the energy to continue.

We each have our own refresh button. Some of us use our gardening, cooking, reading, writing or excercising as our refresh button. Others use their time with family, laughter with friends, conversations with loved ones or hugs as their refresh buttons. Still others take a walk, watch a sunset or gaze at the stars. Whatever action you take that helps you to unwind, relax and be renewed you need to find it, identify it and use it to the fullest. Without these breaks in life we would all eventually burn out.

Today, find your refresh button and use it!

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