Purpose/Passion, May 22, 2018 Daily Reflection

Florida a few years ago.

Yesterday, I heard someone on a podcast discussing purpose and passion. She was asking how to discern the truth of that voice deep within that says this is your life’s purpose. How do we know that we aren’t just trying to convince ourselves of something that is not true. Sometimes, we want to believe something that is easier or less costly. However, those ideas and thoughts eventually fade. What rarely fades is an authentic passion or purpose that accompanies our entire life. Something, that we do regardless of the job we hold, the people whom we love, and despite the world’s opinion. I didn’t have to think long before I realized it is my writing. I have written since age 8 and have never stopped. I have kept a daily journal for 30 years. I have written a blog daily for almost 9 years. No matter, what is happening or stalling in my life my writing liberates me. Writing is my way to process information, to relay my life, to free my soul. Writing is my purpose and passion.
Today, reflect on your purpose and passion. What have you done and will you continue to do regardless of all of life’s circumstances?

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