Precious Gift, May 5, 2017 Daily Reflection

Precious cousin

We are immersed in life so often times we fail to see the importance of it. We forget that life is precious. We expect to wake up every morning and start our normal routine. Unless something interupts that routine we rarely stop and think about the sacredness of life, especially our own. When we hold a brand new baby or attend a funeral we feel the precious weight of life. When we have a near miss in a car or with an illness we feel the briefness of life. Our every day lives lend themselves to thoughtless habits and actions. That is why reflection, prayers, and retreats are so good for our body, mind, and soul. Each day we should take the time to relax, breathe, clear our minds and feel the existence of our own precious lives.

Today, take a deep breath, relax and make yourself aware of your life.


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