Planet Project, November 28, 2016 Daily Reflection

Jake's Planet Project

Jake’s Planet Project

Jake completed his planet project for science class. It is called the futuristic planet. It took planning, purchasing, preparing, painting, thinking, creating and writing. There are two moons, four continents, the main one is silver and named technoland – where the technology is developed and most people live. Rohegeo is another of the continents that contains mountains and volcanoes. The gold planet is called argutaga it is named after an ore that can power anything. There are two mines for the ores and a river dividing the continent. The green planet is what the people call the dump because that is where everyone sends their trash, and no one lives there to keep the other contents clean. it is The people are much more evolved because they live in the future so their lungs have adapted to breathe in the toxins and use the oxygen. They can withstand extreme weather. This planet is 937 years in the future.

It was a great project to help Jake think in a more creative way. As a teacher, I realize how important it is to give our students creative projects to help them grow and think in a future tense. Careers, technology, and our way of living will continue to change at a rapid pace. It is imperative that our future generations are problem solvers and creative thinkers to survive and thrive in the future.

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