Pictures, November 7, 2016 Daily Reflection

Me and Jordan Graduation 2016

Me and Jordan Graduation 2016

Pictures take a second from our past and freeze it for a lifetime or more. We can look at pictures from our great grandparents and wonder what were they thinking, how were they living, that moment in time was frozen but all we truly have is their image not their thoughts.

Recently, I started listening to books on podcasts. I run 6 days a week and have always listened to music or podcasts. I just finished Anne of Green Gables. I am now listening to Jane Eyre. I love listening to the inner thoughts of the main characters. It’s like taking a mental glimpse into their souls. It’s like a picture of that character.

I write meditations for my students. I take them into the scriptures so they stand next to Jesus Christ in the Jordan river as he was being Baptized. They could feel the splash the water on their faces. They almost always feel the embrace of Jesus Christ as he whispers how loved they truly are. At those parts I always say, you wish you could freeze this moment in time. Like a snap shot you don’t ever want to forget it or let it go.

Pictures allow us to capture a memory, a feeling, a thought, a clip of time, and a moment that we can relive for a longer time. Are there pictures in your life that do this for you? I have so many; my wedding pictures, children’s baby pictures, family pictures, and snap shots of fun days, ordinary days in the backyard, and pictures from my childhood. We should take more pictures. We should be present enough in our lives to treasure every moment in time. Today, attempt to live in the present and truly live each moment.


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