Paths in Life, May 13 Daily Reflection

A trail to Natural Bridge

“My mom was mean to me growing up” a good friend of mine told me, “but I guess there was a reason I can’t understand yet.” “Maybe it was so I would have this love and sensitivity for little ones and always stand up for them, I know God had a reason.”

God’s timing is perfect in this life. His timing almost never seems to align itself with our own agendas but in retrospect we often see how good it really was. In my belief God doesn’t control all factors of this life because He gave us freewill however, I believe He gives us signs and direction if we listen and look for it. When we are in the middle of horrible times in our lives we often wonder why, now, why me? No matter what the situation life has thrown at you God remains steadfast in His love and presence. Sometimes it’s more difficult for us to see Him through our emotions. If we take those terrible times and learn from them we will grow as people. Many of the bad times teach us if we let them, how to accept others, ourselves, how to love more deeply, how to forgive more willingly, how to become a more complete creation of God.

Reflect for a bit on your life; the tragedies, the obvious gifts from God, the high times, your upbringing, your family, and the situations of life that tried you the most. When you really reflect upon those experiences can you find a single thread throughout them? Now that you are not in that time and place can you see how you have changed or grown more fully into who you are today?

Every path you have ever ventured in this life has led you to this very moment in time. Now that you are here reflect on who you are and where you want to go. Just remember the paths not yet taken will lead you further still, so take your memories, hold close to your heart what you have learned, pick up your walking stick and know that God walks each step with you.

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