Parenthood is a Vocation, July 27, 2015 Daily Reflection

My husband  and our oldest son Ethan

My husband and our oldest son Ethan

The influence of an actively involved father figure on a young boy’s life is sometimes underestimated in our culture. The way our children are raised determines an immense amount of their future. If children are raised with strong mothers who discipline, teach, nuture, and pass on their faith that child will thrive in the future, with self discipline, the ability to love, and the foundation of faith in God. If children especially boys are raised with a loving father who is actively involved in their lives, they will learn how to be a man. They will learn what priorities are most important, the role of a man, and the role of a father. If a girl is raised with an actively involved loving, and encouraging father she will look for a strong man with the same qualities to start her own family.

People underestimate the importance of good, loving, faith filled parents. Someone once told me that most people just try to get through parenting, it’s not their main priority. That kills my heart. Our children are precious gifts from God that we are given to raise, nuture, teach, discipline, and love like God loves them on this earth. It is our responsibility to raise them to become good, loving, self disciplined, responsible, caring, and strong adults.

Parenting is not a side job. As parents we need to realize this is not a temporary activity that we can take lightly. The honor of being a parent should be received as a vocational call from God. God has extended his love to us to give to our children. There will never be a perfect parent. There will be mistakes, regrets, and tears along the way. However, we must always remember that God is with us and do all that we can to love, nurture, teach, discipline, and care for our children. One day our words, and our actions will be lived out by our children. What words and actions are you teaching your children today?

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