Out of the ordinary, December 23 Daily Reflection

Spencer on an elephant at the zoo

It was a chilling 32 degrees, snow still on the ground, when we decided to visit the zoo. Yes, I said it right we went to the zoo Tuesday morning. With our Zoo season pass in hand and very little cash during the Christmas Season we explored new options for entertainment. We wondered about witnessing the elephants and the monkeys playing outside. We observed the snakes and turtles in the indoor exhibits and even pet some type of Boa snake. It was our own little winter wonder land; for few people visit the zoo in the snow.

It is good to think outside of the box, beyond “normal”. We live a safe, ordinary and predictable life for the most part and that is not a bad thing. However, if you change it up a bit and explore different options it can be fun as well as interesting. Try something different this week like a little adventure to the zoo in the snow and enjoy a different slant on the ordinary.

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