Our Ride, June 18, 2013 Daily Reflection

Our Ride, June 18, 2013 Daily Reflection 1

Spencer and Jake paddling in the canoe

We went on a field trip where my children and 20 other children of friends were taught how to canoe. The camp counselor explained that if you are in the front you are the engine and if you are in the back you are the steering wheel. He said “It is just that simple!”  Everyone had to pick which they wanted to be the engine or the steering wheel and they were off for a canoe ride.

It seems like it would be easier in our lives if someone said to us “Pick which position you would like in your life; you can steer and lead your life in the direction of your choice or you can bring your power and energy and let someone else guide your direction.” Which position would you pick?

My bet is in our culture people would fight over the steering; so many of us want the control and the leadership position. How many of us just want to power someone else’s boat? Believe it or not there are lots of us that just want to be on the boat and are fine with riding along in an unknown direction.

There are those of us who allow God to steer and guide our lives as we give God our control. But there are many more of us who cannot seem to give up that control and trust someone else enough to lead our lives. If we can’t trust God who can we trust?

I am not the best at letting someone else steer my choices but I try daily to let God guide me. I pray that I can be God’s vessel and that He will use me for His purposes and not my own.  Consider what could happen in your life if you let God be at the back of your canoe steering you in the right direction.

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