Our Railings, August 11 Daily Reflection

Peering through the railing

There he stands peering through the railing that holds him back yet keeps him safe from a descent into the creek bed. He can see the refreshing waters of the creek and all the skipping rocks that are just beyond his reach.

What railings hold us back in this life from the cooling, refreshing waters yet keeps us safe from a steep uncertain fall? As adults we create these railings in our minds and in our relationships. We want to be present to witness the cooling water, we want to go and search for the skipping rocks that will bring us pleasure but we stand at the railing safely watching others find the rocks and bathe in the water.

Many times our past experiences create the railing. We have been hurt before and we refuse to open ourselves to the possibility of pain. So we safeguard ourselves by never getting too close in a relationship. Sometimes we are just unsure of the water below. We have never experienced that type of water in our lives and we fear a change in ourselves. It would be difficult to change so we stay at a distance and take no risk at all. Often times we hold on to that barrier so we do not lose control, the control we feel like we possess, if we let go of the railing someone else might guide our direction and we are not ready to relinquish any control in our lives.

What we don’t consider while we are gripping the railing with our knuckles turning white is how it could feel if we let go and good things happened to us. If we opened our hands and our hearts, made ourselves vulnerable and loved someone regardless of what we would receive in return the amount of love we could experience could last a lifetime and not end in heartache.  If we walked down to the water and touched it and let it wash away our fears we would have the possibility of finding a new way we never thought possible, with a new perspective of this life. We could wash away the fear and see clearly. If we break down the barrier that we feel provides us with control and let new life in and let go just a little we might truly live fully the life intended for us from its inception.

Are you standing at the railing of your life holding on for dear life? Will you loosen your grip; open your hands and your heart. Will you attempt to feel the water and break away from the railing? The railing is secure but the opportunity for growth is boundless on the other side.


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