Our Children’s Future, September 10 Daily Reflection

Jake as a fire fighter

As parents we all have dreams for our children’s future. We want them to be happy, successful, have a good job or career and a wonderful family.  Some of us know without a doubt we want our children to have a strong faith in God others of us have not thought that deeply yet.

 Our children on the other hand have different dreams because they dream as children. Some dream to be an NFL star, an American Idol, an actor or a famous movie star. Others dream of being a fire fighter or an astronaut, a doctor or a scientist. Our children at a young age like to try those careers on like Jake did in this picture. Our children have no idea what it entails to achieve such careers and as parents we don’t want to spoil their dreams so we encourage them to be whatever they want to be in life.

As parents how can we best help our children achieve their dreams and to dream big? We set an example daily with our actions and our priorities in this life. Our children know that what we do daily is the most important thing to us. We feed them, drive them to school, make sure they get home, feed them again, take them to sports practices or extracurricular activities, let them shower, help them with homework and get them to bed, we take the time to tell them good night. They can translate that eating, education, sports, hygenine and a relationship are high on the list. What else do you want your children to learn from you about the most important priorities that you hold? What would like to pass on to them?

If being close to God is one of those priorities make it a point to talk with them about God, pray together, take them to a church and talk about your faith. We as parents are the first teachers of our children and a few of the most important they will ever encounter in their lives. We must teach our children through our example daily.

What will you teach your child today through your example? Will it be to dream big or complain often? Will you encourage your child or shut them down when they try to talk with you? Remember you may say 100 words on average to your child daily but what they will remember will be the action you took.

What action will you take to give your child a better future today?

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