Others, July 28 Daily Reflection

Ethan and Spencer walking the rocks

Others existed before us; they trod the same ground, explored the rocks and climbed the hills with other goals in mind. They discovered, settled and built where we live today. We walk those same rocks, climb those same cliffs and search for the fossils – the artifacts that prove a creature was there so long before us. Yet, we live within our own little world, our happy bubbles and we forget that others formed our world around us. We live in the moment, we look to the future and once in awhile we glance over our shoulders at the past.

We neglect to acknowledge the past has brought us to where we are today. Our problems though imminent as we believe them to be will not bring us to extinction. We are advanced; our technology has moved us forward. However, if we never look to the past we will not learn the lessons of our fore fathers. History will repeat if we do not learn from it. In order to learn from it we must explore it.

Who blazed those paths for us? Who lived before us? Who thrived where we live? Who gave their lives for our freedom? Their existence served a purpose so core to the root of who we are today and yet, we neglect them.

Take the time to explore those early pioneers, those brave fighters of freedom and give thanks that they paved the way for our ease. One day maybe we will do the same for a future generation. Now we walk those rocks but one day our great, great grandchildren will do the same. Hopefully they will want to know from where they came as well.

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