Not Decisions, February 22, 2018 Daily Reflection

Meetings in workplace

Recently I was asking advice from my husband about a situation I was trying to figure out that was quite tricky. He said a friend gave him some advice that he uses to this day before he enters a meeting. One should enter a meeting with ideas, visions, and perhaps opinions but not decisions. If you enter with decisions is it really a meeting? It could be a meeting if you are in control and just making people aware of new policies or changes. However, if it is a meeting of the minds, it looks quite different, instead there is brainstorming, sharing of ideas and intense listening before any decisions are made.

As a person who has owned her own small business and is a little Type A personality, I have always entered meetings with decisions I have made ahead of time. Truly considering this advice changes my whole mentality. Now, I consider my ideas, and visions but also consider that others may have more to add, true collaboration, and I need to stay open to different ideas. Then we should each process the information and meet again to make decisions. Try it and see if it changes your mentality.

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