No buttons…October 7, 2011 Daily Reflection

My kids in a canoe

There were not buttons, no on/off switch, no monitor, no joy stick, no beeping noises or characters to shoot and blow up; no video games or computers. There was only a canoe, 2 paddles, one small pond, one huge farm, a beautiful sky, an October breeze and autumns scents, there was simply fun. “I think I will move to the country when I retire mom. I love it here!”

They had it all a pig roast, fishing, canoe ride, bonfire, roasting marshmallows, running through the open fields and the most amazing light show of stars one has ever seen. It was as though we could touch the big dipper and actually see the Milky Way. My kids could have stayed for days. The country is pure, wholesome, filled with nature and exploration that is kind of fun children today need to be exposed to instead of the screens filled with violence and videogames.

Thank you Justin and your entire family! Our family made memories they will never forget.

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