Nature & Humans, April 8 Daily Reflection

Anna in a forest

She almost blends in with the bark of the tree, with the newly budding leaves as though nature and humans should be linked in some way. We should be interconnected with nature. God created nature before humankind.  God doesn’t do anything without thought or reason. He created humankind to live among nature and to care for nature, otherwise why would He have asked the man to name all the birds of the sky and beasts of the land? We don’t give a name to something that means nothing. Where are we in this responsibility for nature?

Do we appreciate and try to care for nature?

When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset, stared up at the stars in all of their mighty splendor or stood before the ocean closed your eyes and just inhaled its poignant scents? How long has it been since you have taken a walk with your spouse or children and breathed in the fresh air that the trees provide for us? Have you started to recycle, use less water and electricity? Have you changed your ways to help our planet earth? Have you taught your children to do the same?

God granted us the serenity and quiet of a peaceful sunset, the roar of a mighty ocean, the whisper of the slightest breeze, and the site of the tallest oak tree. What have we done to preserve such sites and wonders that God has given us?

Today, choose one thing you will do different to respect and care for the nature God has so graciously bestowed upon our lives, just one.  Take the time to notice nature today because we are interconnected by God to blend in to his natural plan of existence.

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