My Video! August 5 2011 Daily Reflection


I did it! I never thought I would upload anything to You Tube but I did it. My 1st video ever (you can copy and paste the link in the search box of YouTube). I would be honored if you check it out and leave a reaction. Wondering why I did it? Let me explain.

Many of you are frequent readers of my blog so you know that I have been trying to become a published author. This is not an easy task even when you know editors. They are looking for something different. Someday I will figure out what I can write for them. Well, there was one poem I wrote that most of you have read He Looked at Me my Good Friday Reflection. This poem was completely inspired by God. I was sitting in my oldest son’s room on his floor while he was finishing some homework. The night was still and everyone else in the house was sleeping. I had my little phone with me that I sometimes write blogs on. This poem literally came to me. Every word I wrote has remained unchanged, no editing just purely as it was that night. It only took a few minutes to write and when it was complete my son asked me what I was crying about. I didn’t realize I had tears streaming. I read it to him and he said “Mom, did you really write that? That was really good Mom!” After that night I read it to many others who said “That is worthy of publishing.” So I set out on a quest to send it to a publisher whom I believed published such work.  I submitted the poem and waited 8 months only to receive a rejection notice. When I inquired why, they replied we don’t accept faith pieces. It would have been good to have known that ahead of time.

Although rejected I was very motivated to get the poem out there. All those who have read it have commented how it touched their souls. The idea of a video came to mind. With the help of my son I put together a video of the poem. And with the help of my husband I uploaded it to YouTube. I was desperate to share it with the world. Now I finally can share it. Please take the time to watch it and let me know what you think, if it moves you.

We must follow our quests in life no matter how many people reject us, no matter how many obstacles stop us. We must continue. My mission is to move people closer to God one word at a time and I will not stop no matter how many rejections I receive or how many obstacles I must face.

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