My Graduation, May 15, 2018 Daily Reflection

I graduated

I would have never thought I would go back to school as an adult and earn my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry. In a million years I would have never thought that I would be a teacher, but I was. I never dreamed that I would work as a retreat director for Sacred Heart Academy, but I do.

We never know what we can accomplish in life. Too often prayers and new opportunities are waiting for us and we don’t notice them. I tripped over top of these opportunities and committed myself to them. It took over 4 years in the program, but I did it! I graduated from Loyola University, LIM, on Saturday, May 12th!! I am so proud because I made a plan, saw it through, and I am using the fruits of it to live my faith in my everyday life. Thank you for your constant support, prayers, and words of encouragement. I wrote over 300 pages of formal papers, took days away from my children and spouse and opened my mind and spirit to new ideas. I learned so much and am better for the experience.

My family and I made an 11- hour road trip to New Orleans on Friday. I graduated Saturday morning. We left again on Sunday morning to take the 11 -hour return trip on Mother’s Day. It was worth every moment in that van to walk across that stage and be handed my diploma.

Today, open your eyes and look for the opportunities, instead of living in fear of doing something different. There are discoveries just waiting to be made. Seek them today.

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