My Friend, December 26, 2012 Daily Reflection

My little angel

My friend gave me this sweet little Precious Moments Angel of Joy. She did not tell me she would buy me a gift for Christmas. I had no expectation. However, Christmas Eve I came home and found a Christmas bag on my porch. I opened the gift and read the sweet card and almost cried because she is my friend. She is so kind and considerate and has no idea how precious she is to me in my life. When I am sad she holds me tight and prays for me. When I rejoice she smiles and hugs me and shares my joy. When I am blah she understands, listens and is there for me. We laugh together, we talk, and we understand each other. I have the type of friend I have wanted all of my life and now she is part of my life. When I opened up this sweet gift and saw a little Angel with joy written over her I almost cried because Theresa is my little Angel who brings such joy to my life daily. I cherish the blessing of our friendship.

If you have a friend like this today take a moment to tell her how you feel. Spread the Christmas joy by telling those you love the most just how much you love them.

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