Muth’s Candy, October 24, 2012 Daily Reflection

Muth’s Candy Store

It was a chilly, cloudy, fall Saturday morning. My husband and I were on an early date. My children had a sleep over with their grandparents. We ran 6 miles down town and then stopped for brunch down on Market Street. After we ate too much breakfast and were leaving the restaurant I spotted a little storefront. It said “Muth’s Candies” on the door. My husband said “This is the candy shop my grandma came to for Easter candy every year. She always bought the crème crosses here.”

We went inside and traveled back in time. My husband told of how his mom and grandma talked about the trip they took here each year but that he had never been with them on those trips. His grandma passed away this past January. It was a true candy shop with memorabilia from Louisville everywhere. The freshly made and wrapped candy was displayed in the glass cases. It felt like we were standing within a piece of history. The sign said “Since 1921” and I believe it. This is one of the small “mom and pop shops” that has survived the modern day Meijer and Wal-Mart Superstores. I could almost hear the echoes of the children so long ago asking the clerk for penny candy.  I could tell that my husband was remembering those Easters as a child when he would find his Easter basket and that special crème cross within it.

These are the shops and stores that made America what we are today. It’s not the superstores that pay a person to stand at the doors and robotically say “Good afternoon”. In the little shops the shop keeper said it because he/she knew you by name. They made a few things very well and sold them. They did not sell food/clothes/tires and pets. They did what they did well. In our modern society this special place has slipped between the cracks or closed down. It was the way people made a living. It was what grew America. I wish there were more shops like Muth’s where you felt like a person not another number.

If you find a little shop like this one take the time to go inside and feel the history that made us who we are today. Support the little storefronts that are run by families not corporations. Take the time to go back in time for a moment.

Do you remember any shops like Muth’s from your childhood?


Displays at Muth’s Candy Store


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