Motivation, September 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

Jake's HandsMotivation – the desire to do something or the reason for doing something. In our culture we embrace motivational speeches, movies, books, and videos. We enjoy pep talks, getting fired up for a competition, and feeling ready to take on the world. It feels like that mountain top experience when everything is crystal clear and the end point is within reach. Our endorphins are pumped up and we feel incredible. The disciples felt like this during the transfiguration. When they literally were standing on a mountain looking up to the heavens, amazed and ready to take on the world. Not long after they were hiding for their lives in an upper room. Then the Holy Spirit came upon them during Pentecost and the Holy Spirit stayed with them. They were able to take on the world, sacrifice their own lives, and speak to people who did not believe.

What motivates us? Our dreams and hopes for the future? Our desire to care for our family and the leisure of our future retirement? The fact that it is a necessity to give life to our dreams? At times we are on the mountain top; we get a new job, a promotion, a degree, a new house, an idea that we feel cannot fail and we are motivated. Then there are times we are locked in our own fear in our upper rooms. Wondering how on earth we thought we could take on the world. We sit and rock ourselves contemplating how many people knew we were faking it the entire time. So what brings us out of this room? For some it is the motivation and friendship of others. Others search their souls and try to determine if they are on the path they should be on. Still others give their worries, stress, and anxiety to God and let the Holy Spirit come upon them so that they can leave the room and thrive once more.

What motivates you? What do you do to get out of that upper room when you find yourself stuck inside? Do you rely on music, people, scripture, speeches, soul searching, or God? In my own life I think a combination of all of the above is best. The integration of different types of motivators can drive me for years. However, God’s love and energy drive me more than anything and motivates me to live my life for him. I believe God is the best motivation ever!

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