Morning Dew, April 15 Daily Reflection

Morning Dew on the spring grass

As we walked down the path coming home from school in the morning it caught my eye, the glistening sparkle of the morning dew.  Jake and I crouched down on the path to look more closely and we could see the dew droplets sliding down the single blades of grass, though from a distance they look quite uniform and all connected, not individual at all.

Do you think God sees us from a distance like droplets of dew covering the grassy areas of the earth? We all look in unison beautiful and complete from a distance.

 Do you think God is like the curious 5 year old who lies down upon the path and looks more closely at each individual blade of grass?  Do you think God wants to see us individually to find out how the dew is placed upon us and how we each make it glisten for the entire surface?

Maybe God wants us to work for the common good to help each other and be one with mankind providing kindness, understanding and ultimately unconditional love for the entire human race regardless of which blades produce the most beautiful dew or any at all.  Maybe God also wants to have that personal relationship with us and wants to know how we feel about the dew and how we want to glisten or how we feel the dew is just slipping away from us.  Maybe God wants both. Maybe God wants to love us individually and as an entire human race.

Maybe God already does both whether we are aware of it or not He is looking from a distance and He is also laying down upon the path looking closely admiring us and loving us unconditionally even as we read this now.

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