Moral Decisions, January 22, 2014 Daily Reflection


How do we make moral decisions in our lives as adults? Do we use the stop sign method; Search out the facts, Think about the alternatives and the consequences, Others, consult and consider them, and Pray for guidance?

I have just started to teach my juniors about morality. In my decision making I think the first thing I do is instinctively consider is it good or bad. Then I pray and consider what will happen to others depending upon the choice I make. Of course many of the decisions I make are made in an instance. These thoughts are not always conscious thoughts. Luckily I had a great example of moral parents and teachers who have guided and molded my morality. Along with a deep faith in God and an excellent upbringing in the Catholic Church. I made choices through my teens that were based on right and wrong and what would be pleasing to God.  I was blessed with being influenced by morally good people in my life. So many others were taught to go along with the crowd and our culture. It is easy to be swayed and justify things that are immoral when given the opportunity to do so.

What is morally good is pleasing to God. Some of the questions to help the teens that are asked of them in a situation are: Would you do this in front of your parents? Would I be willing to allow everyone in a similar situation to act this way? Will it help others and make life flourish or will it harm others?

As adults it is good to review how we make our choices and to consider if they are moral or not. Even if you are not setting an example for others (which all parents are doing) God is always witnessing your choices.

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