Mistakes, January 25, 2017 Daily Reflection

Will you choose another path

As humans we often make mistakes. We fail to do as we should and we neglect to do what is right. If we are lucky enough we have been raised by those who have a strong moral compass, someone who knows, understands, and lives a life of choosing the good instead of the bad. Our morality is shaped by our God-given intelligence, reason, and revelation from God. Our free will gives us the ability to do good for others or to simply live a life of selfish pleasure. Those of us who are trying hard to be good to others and lead a life that God would endorse, are disappointed in ourselves when we make mistakes. We want to do what is good, selfless and pure. However, as humans we tend to act first, think later, and then hopefully have guilt. Guilt is not a bad thing. Guilt is a feeling that allows us to know that what we have done was wrong. When there is no guilt then we have been conditioned to believe that our actions are good. That guilt should help to lead us to self-reflection; why did we make that choice? how could we choose differently next time? what can we do to rectify the damage we have done? Our mistakes can lead us to living a more moral life, if we view our mistakes as opportunities for growth.

Reflect on the last bad choice you have most recently made. Who did it affect? Why did you do it? Do you feel guilty? If you were able to do it over would you do it different? Is there anyone you should apologize to? How can you change for the better because of that experience?

Mistakes are an opportunity for growth. Take that opportunity and explore it today.

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