Meet & Greet, May 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

A Sunrise - A new day

Meeting and greeting God in our daily lives means taking God out of Church and into our lives; our homes, our conversations, our workplace, our schools, our thoughts, our actions and our very existence. It’s easy for many of us to go to church and listen to the preaching and leave with a smug smile upon our faces feeling as though we have punched our time card for the week and are well on our way to heaven. But then we get into the parking lot and curse the car next to us. We yell at our children. We gossip about our coworkers and we cheat ourselves out of living the true “good life”. The point of sitting in that pew or on that bench to listen is not for the warm fuzzy feelings; it is for guidance and for the Holy Spirit to give you what you need to truly live in your week ahead.

Take God out of Church; take Him further into your life by bringing His peace, tranquility and love to those you encounter daily. You don’t have to preach the Word to live it in words and actions. Going to Church and being a part of a religion is the root of the moral compass in our lives. This action of going to Church and being a part of a faith community who support and encourage your beliefs is central to living your life in goodness. But it cannot end at Church; it must transcend that barrier that makes you think “I could never do that, it’s too cheesy to be that kind”. God’s love will guide and direct you and your gut instincts will help encourage you to make the right choices.

Look for God’s love in everyone you meet. Spread God’s love through your life. Meet and greet God daily with smiles, kindness, laughter, understanding and loving everyone you encounter today. When you encounter a person you are meeting and greeting God in your daily life. God exists in every soul. Today believe that and you will live a different existence in the presence of God.

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