Max, December 27, 2016 Daily Reflection

Max Sleeping

Max Sleeping

Last night my family and I watched the movie “Max.” Jake received the movie for Christmas. It was about a military dog who lost his handler in a war. The dog stays with his brother. The acting is not the best but the story line was intriguing. We watched it with our dog, Max.  It is amazing what dogs can be trained to do. They can  sniff out guns, people, drugs, and save lives.

After we got Max this summer a good friend recommended I watch the movie with my children. It is a movie that allows others to witness the loyalty of a pet to its owner. I will admit I was very cold about dogs for years. Having a dog helps me to be more empathetic towards others and how much they love their pets. The experience has also given me the opportunity to feel the joy of having an animal that is happy to see you and depends on your kindness daily. I had a few dogs when I was younger and felt a strong bond but they both died and I think I didn’t want to have to go through that pain again. Now, I have that bond with my Max! I get it now, and I do care for my dog, Max!


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