Why? March 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Why is it so difficult to see God in others? As a mom it is easy to see the light of Christ reflected in the eyes of my beautiful children, whom I co-created with God. As a wife, I often catch glimpses of the joy of Christ in my husband’s laughter. As a daughter, I constantly see compassion revealed in my dad’s care for the ill and my mom’s crocheting for the babies, and those who thirst in third world countries. In my student’s I am taken back by moments of insight that ignite the work of the Holy Spirit stirring within their souls. In my friends hugs I feel the warm embrace of God’s love. I witness God’s love in the parents of my students when they come to me with kindness and compassion to help their child find the way.

If I can see God in all of these people then why is it so difficult to see God in every person, including those I know nothing about?

I think it comes down to interaction and relationships. I must first interact with someone before I can relate or understand that person. As soon as I can see a familiar trait, or a human characteristic I can begin to see God more clearly. It all comes back to relationships. God the father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit are a full and intimate community within the triune God. We too, are asked to be in relationship with everyone we meet and those we have yet to meet.

Every human being was made in the image and likeness of God which gives us each human dignity. Our human dignity can never be taken away. Therefore, there is no human being without the love of God within his/her soul. We need to interact, form a relationship, and love others. We need to look with the eyes of God.

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