What if we made our ideas into reality? July 1, 2014 Daily Reflection


My son's homemade go cart

My son’s homemade go cart

This is the go cart my 15 year old son has been building this summer. He started with a frame, seat and a steering wheel. He replaced the wheels, put on a brake, bolted together angle iron, sawed two boards to be the pedals and has been setting up a way to strap an actual engine to the back of it. Every chance he gets when we are not out riding bikes, swimming or playing on a field trip, he devotes to the construction of the idea he has in his head. He doesn’t mind the heat; he is outside when it is in the low 90’s, the dark, he stays outside working on it until we call him in at night or any of the elements. He is very determined and motivated to construct this contraption.

When we have a goal in our mind do we work like my son? Do we take that idea and let it become a reality? Do we change the wheels, build pedals, and install a break line or anything else it needs to make it function? Or do we say “Oh, well I don’t have the time for this. I don’t want to sweat and I can’t really make it happen. So, why even try?” Do we give up before our dream is in action?

We have each been given an idea by our parents, our family, our friends, our parish members, our Church, our religion and our God; the idea of deepening our relationship with God. If we close our eyes we can picture what it would feel like if we could feel the comfort and love of God, hear the voice of God, understand God’s ways, or follow where God leads us by letting go of the things that hold us back in our own reality. We can picture it but then when we open our eyes and it is time to take action we think “It’s too hot outside, it’s too dark to see, it’s going to take too long, it’s too complicated to figure it all out. Maybe another time I will try that when I have more time in my life.” Then we stop and we give up before it can become a reality.

A deeper relationship with God is possible. It is the goal that God has given us in our hearts; the desire for God. We push it down, we smoother it with things and people, we don’t give it the opportunity to blossom. We give it one hour a week to develop and most of the time we leave church saying, “I didn’t get anything out of that!” If only we had the determination, the vision and the passion my son has for his creation for God our entire world would function differently.  No one can build it for us. God is waiting for us with His arms outstretched and His love overflowing but we have to do the sweaty, tiresome work to get there.

One day my son will reap the rewards of his effort by riding his homemade Go Cart in our backyard and he will feel a sense of completion. We can do the same thing if we stay the course and work on our relationship with God by praying daily, reading God’s word, going to Church, finding others who are seeking God as well and devoting time to our relationship with God. The reward that we will receive is far greater than a sense of completion, it is completion in heaven for eternity with the one we know best God our father. Are you ready to start on the construction of that relationship and to make that idea a reality? Start today, God is waiting for you.

Copyright 2014 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

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