Look at Souls, July 8, 2017 Saturday Tidbit

Precious cousin

Our culture is extremely judgmental of outward appearances. Women especially compare themselves to other women. It is considered a compliment when one woman says to another, “I hate you because of how good you look.” We constantly degrade our bodies flaws and imperfections. Is this how you think God sees us? God sees the beauty within our souls not our physical outward appearance. Here is a game changer…. what if we do the same thing? What if we look at the beauty of each soul and stop staring at their bodies and thinking negative thoughts.
I tried it and it works! Today, try looking at people’s souls. Think about their relationships, about when they were born and who loves them most in this world. Think about how much God loves them and how we should love them the same way. See what it does for you!

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